The role of Thales Goalkeeper CIWS system is to provide defense against high treta targets, like sea-skimming missiles and other stand-off weapons.

Towards this objective, it needs to follow the target with precision, fast response and stability. This requirement is based on two gyroscopic units, Aa y Ac, which provide stabilization to the line of sight servosystem controlling motion.

Current gyroscopic units are built as electromechanical devices, subject to wear, misalignment, requiring maintenance and spare supply is becoming critical.

In this scenario, DESA has developed, in close cooperation with the Chilean Navy, a solution based on newest fiber optic technologies, which substitutes both modules by Line Replaceable Units—LRU with small modifications to the system, while providing backwards compatibility.

This solution can be applied to multiple line-of-sight systems (Fire Control Radars, Optronic Directors, stabilized optical sights) which are subject to similar technical and logistic problems.

DESA can study those architectures and provide a design which minimizes system intervention and maximizes compatibility, attaining the same operational y logistic advantages.


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