Modern use of artillery requires the introduction of available computing and communications technologies tu substantially enhance operation and effectiveness in combat.

These enhancements range from providing an integrated environment from Command & Control level down to gun direction, including control of firing missions.

These advantages reflect in the integration of the artillery unit to the operations theatre, by the way of better fire support coordination as well as an increase of safety and mutual interference reduction.

The system is configured as tactical terminals in each position: forward observer, Fire Control Central y and firing units. These are linked by radio data network, providing a fast and secure path for information exchange for mission control.

Position and vector sensors provide the essential georeference data to determine firing positions and ballistic calculations.

Among the multiple operational benefits brought:

> High precision of data required for ballistic calculation.
> Error-free and faster transmission of data among stations.
> Faster calculation of firing solution.
> Reduced time to make the first shot, providing greater mobility and safety for units.

The flexibility of these technologies make it possible to install a modern system on any platform, using any kind of ammunition and eventually upgrading existing radio communication systems.

The type of artillery can be conventional, mortars or rockets.


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